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Are you a fully qualified Eyelash extension educator? 

Are you struggling to find a supplier to provide your Students with Training Kits?

Do you want to have an option on what goes into your Training Kits?

Want to save up to £50+ per training kit?

If your answer is YES to all the questions above... continue reading!

Here at Lashic Lashes,we offer Trainers the opportunity to sign up to our Educator Portal and receive outstanding training kits for the best price with just a £49.99 joining fee, you then gain unlimited access to our Educator Portal account.

Why should i choose Lashic Lashes to supply my Training Kits for my students?

There are MANY benefits to being a member of our Lashic Lashes Educator Portal, we have made a complete list for you below.

  • Get access to incredible discount when buying our training kits through the Educator portal rather then separately through our shop

  • Training kits purchased through our Educator portal saves you up to 34% per kit! 

  • When you purchase our most advanced Deluxe kit you can save £51 per kit purchasing through our portal

  • A choice of 3 kit bundles sizes for you to supply to your students

  • All training kits sent 1st class delivery on the next working day

  • You can opt to receive a FREE sample tray of our lashes to test before signing up, just give us a message on our contact form page. Our samples are either 0.15 C curls or 0.20 C curls mix length trays.


If you feel like you want to join our Lashic Lashes Educator Portal and receive all the benefits above for just £50 joining fee, just click SIGN UP NOW, and fill in the form to be accepted. Please note you have to submit  both your Eyelash extension qualification certificate and your AET Level 3 award in Education and Training certificate (or any other fully qualified Educator certificate).

You will be asked to pay the £49.99 when submitting your form, if you are not accepted by our Team to become a member of the portal, the £49.99 fee will be refunded to you. 






Once you have signed up and accepted, the fee is non refundable. By signing up to our Educators Portal you are understanding and fully aware that this portal is non refundable.

If you wish to receive a PDF file of our Educator Portal Kit prices and options before joining our Portal, please fill out this form below. You will then be able to download the files.

Sign up now

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